I work as a studio producer, audio designer, and composer. I’m currently producing 2 podcasts since (2019-  ), and various movies. I’ve been an audio technician/designer for over 12 years, with experience in the studio and field, both hands on. From folly to SFX, I’ve worked on the genres of horror to epics.
Malevolent Mouse Productions
    I’m the Audio Field Technician for the production crew of Malevolent Mouse. My other responsibilities include, editor, producer, and creative director. Chiaroscuro, the first film I was involved with Malevolent Mouse Productions. Here's the theme song-
The Woke(Ish) Podcast
    I’m the lead producer of the Woke(Ish) podcast. I’m an A/V technician, editor, and distributor. The podcast includes a curated intro and outro with music and SFX. I edit using Adobe Premiere and use VFX, such as color grading, graphics, transitions and green screen. Here's the theme song-
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